Catapult Creative Productions

July 2012 - Wild Turkey

The Turkey 10 goes LIVE! Wild Turkey Australia launched The Turkey 10 in March 2012; it commenced as an on-air concept which unearthed 10 local adult grassroots sporting teams around the country. They didn't necessarily sit on top of the results ladder but had spirit, guts, flair and strength of character – and weren't afraid to show it!

We saw some amazing progress throughout the 2012 Turkey 10 season.

The Chadstone Football Club (Melbourne) won their first game in 4 years! It was their first win in 69 games!

The Bosco Bulldogs (Sydney) and The Mighty Dons (Bunbury, WA), both got their first wins of the season.

And the Central Tigers (Townsville) played in the final for the minor premiership.

To help them achieve these results, Catapult produced two 'surprise' activations – to show the teams support!

The first activation saw choppers, commando soldiers, boot camp trainers, cheerleaders descending onto an unsuspecting Bosco Bulldogs as part of their weekly training session.